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Predictive analytics for your construction workforce data

DashlyHR gives you the ability to predict trends in your labor force to better identify "regrettable turnover" and red flag employees for maximum efficiency


What is DashlyHR? 

a tool that provides the construction industry with predictive data analytics to increase management efficiency, optimize the workforce, and provide risk management 

A dashboard of data at your fingertips
Manage your labor force with ease
Decrease turnover through actionable insights
Tap smart analytics to catch red flags early
Engineers and Businesspeople

We Deliver Data the Way You Want to See It 

Forget the hours spent creating manual reports in Excel and viewing unhelpful evaluations, forget the fear that you haven't done enough to minimize jobsite risk, and forget feeling like you aren't operating at max efficiency - DashlyHR has you covered

How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 


All of your employee data in one place


Tackle turnover with meaningful insights

Optimize your workforce with actionable moves


Utilize predictive analytics to decrease labor risk

Get Your Team Operating Efficiently With A Built-For-Construction Platform

Worker with Ladder

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